"Where people and God collide...and real life begins."


The vision of Lifepoint Church is that it would be now and in future generations, “Where people and God collide…and real life begins.” Colliding with God means having an encounter with Him that leaves us dramatically changed, much like how an atom is dramatically changed when it collides with another atom, releasing its immense power. Our great hope is that such a collision would lead a person to a decision of faith in Jesus as their Lord and Savior so that they could experience the real life that God has for them. The vision of Lifepoint Church is based on John 10:10 where Jesus says, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (NIV) We wholeheartedly believe that the best possible life we can live here on earth and into eternity is a life completely surrendered to Jesus, and that any other scenario reduces the satisfaction of the life God has given us.


Lifepoint Church envisions always being, “A place where people and God collide…and real life begins.”


We envision always striving toward 1) vividly introducing people to the One True God; 2) a culture of growth; 3) an atmosphere of encouragement to live the real life Jesus came to give His church.


We envision peering into Acts 2:42-47 at any point in the future (5 years, 10 years, 50 years down the road) and recognizing the qualities and characteristics of the early church presented in scripture in Lifepoint Church.


We envision being a group of believers who picture people when they hear the word “church” instead of a building.


We envision the Spirit of God always being so evident among the believers of Lifepoint Church that evangelism is never programmed, but instead a natural result of that evidence.


We envision marriages repaired, addictions broken, depression overcome, relationships restored, wrongs righted, strongholds surrendered, boredom replaced, fear destroyed, oppression lifted, comfort yielded, hearts changed, hope delivered, lives healed, love lavished, joy multiplied, peace flowing, patience increased, kindness kindled, goodness winning, gentleness spreading, self-control growing, the weary welcomed, the captive released, the brokenhearted mended, and the lost found by teaching and applying God’s Word to our lives.


We envision a multiple acre campus at the heart of Chillicothe that is a welcoming oasis of hope and healing.


We envision the 12,000 people in our area who are currently not attending church hearing the gospel and finding a church home.


We envision our entire community being changed by what God is doing through Lifepoint.


We envision God raising up leaders from within the congregation and calling them out to do His work all over the world through missions and church planting.


We envision the birth of new ministries and new ministry leaders within our congregation.


We envision always being pure, real, and simple in our approach to everything we do as a church.


We envision God leading us to more than we could ever hope for or imagine!



JOHN 10:10 The Message


434 Locust St.

Chillicothe, MO 64601



Lifepoint staff members are generally available at the church during working hours Tuesday-Friday.


Sunday Mornings

9:00am & 10:45am

Children's service & nursery available

"I came so they can have REAL and eternal LIFE, more and better life than they ever dreamed of."

Kevin Smith

Lead Pastor

Teaching & Discipleship



Mark Schneider

Next Generation Pastor



Greg Miller

Executive Lay Pastor


Angie Gutshall


Women's Ministry Leader



Amanda McLain

Administrative Assistant



Carrie Miller

Worship Leader



Sally Stefancik

Children's and Nursery Coordinator



Shelly Long

Creative Arts & Communication



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